Medical and Health Considerations

Trekking at high altitude is dangerous. Various medical conditions may complicated matters on Kilimanjaro, especially any issues related to the heart or lungs. Additionally, certain medications may place climbers at a greater risk on the mountain. Therefore those intending to climb Kilimanjaro should seek the advice of their doctor to make sure that they are clear for the trip.

There are many vaccinations, immunizations and medications climbers should obtain prior to travel to Tanzania. These include:

*Tetanus, Pertussis, Diptheria
*Hepatitis A
*Hepatitis B
*Yellow Fever

Most health insurance policies will cover the cost of these shots and prescriptions.

The Yellow Fever vaccination may be required to enter Tanzania if the traveler is entering from what is categorized as an infected country. Travelers who fail to obtain this shot will be required to get it on the spot or denied entry.