How to Climb Kilimanjaro


Are you thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro?

I know exactly how you feel. I was in the same position you are in several years ago. Scouring company websites, visiting travel forums, following blogs and reading books. I wanted honest information on climbing Kilimanjaro. I couldn’t find it.

I wished there was someone to tell me what it really was like.

Hi, my name is Kyle. I am a thirty-something year old American born in a small town near Milwaukee, WI. I started travelling at age 24 and have been to over 50 countries since then. You can say I am a travel addict who is passionate about the outdoors.

I know what it is like to climb Kilimanjaro because I have done it. More times than the typical person. I have conquered Mount Kilimanjaro three times – reaching the summit on each occasion.

Due to my experiences on the Roof of Africa, I gained quite a bit of knowledge on everything there is to know about climbing Kilimanjaro. I learned when to go, how to train, what gear to have, how to choose a guide, and more.

In other words, I have the insight on how to climb Kilimanjaro and can tell you how you can do it too.

That’s the main reason I built this website back in 2008. I have maintained it and kept it up to date for more than 10 years in order to pass along valuable information to those seeking to climb Kilimanjaro for themselves.

People from all across the globe have been coming to Tanzania in increasing record numbers to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. In 2007, more than 35,000 people climbed Kilimanjaro. In 2013, that number was reported to be 50,000. The number that made it to the top, of course, is a different story.

Mount Kilimanjaro has a way of exposing people’s weaknesses. It will test your character. It will challenge your physical abilities.  It will make you doubt yourself… if you are not prepared.

I am here to help you get prepared. I want you to succeed!

All the best,



SHORTCUT: Many people ask for my personal recommendations for operators on Kilimanjaro. My preferred company is Ultimate Kilimanjaro for the best price and service. This company has very high standards and affordable mid range pricing. Read more here.

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SHORTCUT: Many people also what to know which route to climb Kilimanjaro. I like the 7 day Machame Route  and 8 day Lemosho Route; these are my personal choices. These routes have sufficient acclimatization and pretty views. Read more here

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